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Out of the nine planets, only the Sun has a value. It is a common belief that people who go to a temple dedicated to the sun god are blessed with wealth in the outside world. It’s easy to say that if one prays to the SUN GOD, their life shines. Are you in need of contentment, abundance, and success in your life? Follow the steps until you reach the temple that is only for the SUN GOD.

It is essential to be aware of the fact that only two temples in Mother India are devoted to the KING OF GODS, or Sun God.

It is believed that the Konark Sun Temple was built by King Narasimhadeva I of the Eastern Ganga Dynasty and the Suryanar Temple was built by Kulottunga Chola I of the Chola Dynasty. Let’s look at some helpful information about the SUN TEMPLE in India’s southern region.

  • The Konark Sun Temple is in Odisha, in the northern part of India.
  • The Suryanar Temple is in Tamilnadu, in the southern part of India.

In the Thanjavur district, the Suryanar Temple can be found in the village of Suryanarkoil. One of the temple’s specialties is a location on the Cauvery River’s banks. This temple is located approximately 20 kilometers from Mayiladuthurai, 15 kilometers to the east of Kumbakonam, and exactly 2 kilometers to the north of Aduthurai. The temple is visible from the Kumbakonam-Mayiladuthurai road path. Devotees should go to the temple between October and March for the best experience.

The temple tower is 15.5 meters tall and has three tiers and five domes at its peak. Rajagopuram’s temple tank can be found to the north. It should be noted that before worshiping God, one should take a holy bath in the temple tank or simply sprinkle water on their head. The temple has more than 12 theerthams. The temple has separate sanctums (sannadhis) for each of the nine planets. One of the highlights is this.

The presiding deity of the temple, Sri Suryanarayanaswamy, can be seen lying inside the sanctum sanctorum with his consorts, Sri Usha Devi and Sri Pratyusha Devi. The Sun God, who reigns supreme, can be seen facing the remaining eight Navagrahas. A prominent sculpture is the Kol Theertha Vinayakar (Ganesha) shrine.

When Kalava Muni heard that he was going to get leprosy, one of the deadliest diseases, he became aware of it. The wise man worshiped Navagrahams in an effort to become free. After appreciating his devotion, the nine planets freed him from the terrible disease. The creator, Lord Brahma, became enraged at the planets for failing to fulfill their responsibilities toward Kalava Muni in accordance with the law of karma. Consequently, he banished the planets to Earth and pronounced a leprosy curse on them. However, Lord Brahma advised them to offer prayers to Mother Parvati (Manglanaayaki) and Lord Shiva (Prananadheswarar) at Thirumangalakudi after hearing their pleading. Additionally, he instructed them to consume their meals on Velerukku leaves.

The Navagrahas invoked Lord Shiva’s blessings and followed Lord Brahma’s instructions. They were enshrined in nine distinct sanctums of the Suryanar temple by Lord Shiva, pleased with their worship. Additionally, he blasted the notion that those who worship the Navagrahas there will be free of all issues.

Benefits of Having a Strong Sun

  1. It is believed that if Lord Sun is pleased with you and bestows his blessings upon you, all of your deeds will be accomplished effortlessly and all of the obstacles that stand in your way will vanish.
  2. The likelihood of receiving money increases in such a circumstance.
  3. In the horoscope, the negative effects of planetary positions—also known as flaws—are eliminated.
  4. The house exudes a sense of contentment, tranquility, and prosperity.
  5. The Navagraha deities’ flaws were eliminated.
  6. The individual’s working abilities and skills are getting better. Leadership’s influence grows.
  7. In the horoscope of a male native, Sun is regarded as the father figure. A person’s relationship with his father is good if the Sun is in a strong position in their horoscope.
  8. In contrast, the Sun is regarded as the husband’s influence in women’s horoscopes.
  9. Sun exposure is also thought to play a significant role in heart health. If the Sun is weak, a person may suffer from heart conditions.

There are job opportunities in the government, and new business opportunities can be beneficial.
When worshiping the Sun, the person whose horoscope predicts negative outcomes or irritability must offer water to him. Even though Arghya should be offered to the Sun every day, you can only do so on Sunday and Saptami Tithi if this is not possible for some reason. This has the same beneficial effects for you. On Saptami Tithi, women who fast and worship the Sun experience happiness related to their husband, son, wealth, and prosperity. On the other hand, men gain social respect when they worship the Sun on Saptami Tithi.

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