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Accept our warm and hearty welcome to Sri Aghasthiya Mahasiva Thulliya Nadi Jothida Nilayam and our website onlinenadiaastrology.com. Mr L. Ramesh is the owner of this authoritative website. Our astrology centre, the Sri Maha Siva Thulliya Nadi Astrology Centre at Vaitheeswarab Kovil, is in the top bracket and among the best Nadi Astrology & Agasthiyar Nadi Jothidam Centres in the world. It is a matter of immense pleasure and pride, and we partake in honour in sharing the fact that our centre is one of the oldest surviving astrological centres in the world, which at the same time is recognized by almost all the prominent people and organizations of the world.

We are the 4th generation down the ascendancy path, who are successful in the eternal service to our cherished customers across the breadth of the universe, let alone the world.

The ancient theologians believed the earth's creator, Brahma, the God of Knowledge, was a manifestation of a higher sensibility that otherwise exists in all beings and that the guardians of the universe are the triumvirate of Cosmic Gods, the Brahma, the Vishnu, the Mahesh.

In India, Nadii Jyotisa is called Nadi Astrology and is a form of Dharma astrology, which is followed throughout India in as many diverse zones as the breadth of the Indian Peninsula will permit. About humans, in the old ages considered solely on faith, the Dharma sages could predict the past, present, and future lives.

As every individual soul has a future, the wisdom of Nadi Astrology foresees his future in a way expressed as the most authentic. This Astrology system across the universe is known to favour tremendous people, who are blessed with far superior capabilities in their all-important decision-making scenarios once they have turned to the system.

Every individual soul's future aspirations have been dedicated with the palm leaves and read by the four generations of our family. The Nadi astrological system suits well to all the countries in the world. Taking our cue from the internet as the best mode of communication, we have set up a website for Nadi Astrology. We anticipate serving you better." Nadi" is the chief concept of Nadi Astrology. A Sign or Rashi incorporates 150 Nadis- one sign has 30 degrees of the zodiac. Twelve zodiac signs have three grades count Movable, Fixed and Dual signs.

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