Online Prediction


The world could be thought of as made up of truths that fall into the categories of scientific and spiritual. It is a known fact that both the categories accept astrology as an independent and viable study. Consequently, there are two personality types in the world theists and atheists, the one reposing faith in God, and the other disapproving of the existence of God. It has been observed that both of them accept astrology, and from time to time, take its help for leading better and fuller lives.

So, you, irrespective of your faith can make use of Nadi astrology for guidance in life.

Those of you who are unable to visit us can make use of the online predictions form. You can fill the form with all your details, and we will search your Nadi details for you without your having to be present here with us. Pay close attention to filling in the details, as the wrong set of details will fetch the wrong leaf and hence will get the wrong predictions.

We cannot guarantee that everyone will receive the predictions with this method. But hope, only those destined by the providence shall meet the predictions with the holy script of Nadi leaflets. If we are unable to find your palm leaf, we will return your amount.

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