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In old India, Vishvamitra was a ruler who was otherwise called Kaushika, or "relative of Kusha." He was a brave warrior and the great-grandson of a great king named Kusha. Bala Kanda's exposition 51 of the Valmiki Ramayana starts with Vishvamitra's story. The powerful and truly moral Kushanabha was the son of Kusha, Prajapati's creation of the king. Vishvamitra, a great saint of great splendor, is the son of Gaadhi, a well-known individual who was the son of Kushanabha. Vishvamitra, a great king who ruled the kingdom for many thousands of years, ruled the earth. The Puranas also tell his story, but they are different from the Ramayana. The introduction of Vishvamitra is depicted in Mahabharatha's Vishnu Purana and Harivamsha part 27 (about the Amaavasu tradition). The Vishnu Purana says that when Kushika married a woman from the Purukutsa dynasty (later known as the Shatamarshana lineage, descendants of the Ikshvaku king Trasadasyu), he had a daughter named Satyavati and a son named Gaadhi. The ashram of Ri served as a rest stop for his entire army on one of his expeditions, where they were well-fed and cared for. How this seemingly insignificant ashram could manage the logistics of feeding an entire army bewildered the king. He expressed his surprise to the wise man. "O king, my calf Nandini (also known as Sabala), who was gifted to me by Indra, has provided this feast that you have participated in with your kinsmen," Vasistha replied. You should be aware that she is the daughter of Indra's cow, Kamadhenu.
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