Nadi Astrology Chapter 1, 13 & 14 - General Chapter
Identifies the most important upcoming events for each year. are remedial chapters that provide recommendations for transforming one's life. After reading the Essential Chapters, you might want to read additional chapters that give you specific information about important aspects of your life. These chapters also recommend additional treatments.
Nadi Astrology Chapter 2 – Family and Finance
The second chapter discusses your current financial situation as well as your predictions for the future in terms of family, education, and financial opportunities. Additionally, the chapter discusses your health issues and suggests ways to reduce your financial burden. By reading this chapter, you will rethink your life so that you can live a happy, prosperous, and healthy life with your loved ones.
Nadi Astrology Chapter 3 -Siblings and Courage
Chapter 3 is the ideal option for you to understand your future with your brother or sister, whether you are looking for your sibling or want to know if you are compatible with them.
Nadi Astrology Chapter 4 – Mother and Comforts
Chapter 4 is ideal for property owners or potential property owners. It contains important information about one's parents, particularly about the Mother, whose blessings are necessary for acquiring wealth and comforts. It has readings about your possessions, including vehicles, land, buildings, and material pleasures.
Nadi Astrology Chapter 5 – Progeny
Do you yearn for a family? Do you want to know why you are sterile? Part 5 makes sense of the explanations behind you not having descendants up until this point and recommends suitable cures. Additionally, it highlights some of your children's future predictions as well as information about their birth star and horoscope.
Nadi Astrology Chapter 6 – Debts, Disease and Litigation
In the event that you are paying special attention to the unspoiled answer for your monetary emergency, constant disease or fight in court, then, at that point, Section 6 is the most ideal asylum for you. This part uncovers measures to sidestep from your obligations, conquer your disease to carry on with a sound life and overwhelm your foes and prevail upon legitimate issues.
Nadi Astrology Chapter 7: Marriage
Read Chapter 7 of Nadi Astrology to determine the best time to ring in your first marriage. The causes of your marriage's delaying and possible solutions are discussed in this chapter. Additionally, it reveals the date and duration of your marriage.
Nadi Astrology Chapter 8 – Longevity
Read Chapter 8, which discusses longevity, to quench your thirst for information regarding your life expectancy. The part contains important data about any disasters in one's day to day existence, mishaps and perils that one might experience and the specific subtleties of one's demise like age, date, time, lagna, area and nakshatra.
Nadi Astrology Chapter 9 – Spiritual Attainment and Fortunes
This chapter helps you learn more about your father's wealth, spiritual outlook, fortune, and charitable activities.
Nadi Astrology Chapter 10 – Profession
Is it challenging for you to settle into your ideal job? If so, this chapter will be very helpful to you. It gives you information about your career and profession, as well as predictions about changes in jobs and ups and downs in your professional life.
Nadi Astrology Chapter 11 – Profits and Second Marriage
This chapter provides a concise summary of everything you need to know if you want to start your own business or wish to estimate its profit. The section additionally uncovers the possibilities of second marriage in one's life.
Nadi Astrology Chapter 12 – Expenditure and Losses
All of us will be eager to be familiar with our next birth or manifestation. Achieving Moksha and releasing oneself from the never-ending cycle of birth and death is a blessing. This chapter informs you of your upcoming expenditures and losses in addition to providing you with information about your upcoming births. The section is useful to be familiar with your possibilities of abroad travel also.