Karthigai Nakshatra

What is Karthigai Nakshatra?

The Lord Surya (Sun) is in charge of the Karthigai Nakshatra (Star), also known as Kritika Nakshatra. It is the third star of the 27 Nakshatras. Lord Agni (Fire) and Lord Muruga are the governing deities of The Star. Kritika, which means “cutters” or “critical,” is a Greek word that means “to destroy negative things and impurities.” The star’s characteristics favor femininity over masculinity.

The Pleiades or Krittika are a group of six stars that can be seen in the night sky. According to Vedic astrology, Krittika is in the Taurus and Aries signs. Since “Agni,” also known as “Fire,” is the ruling deity, it is regarded as a source of power and energy. The name Krittika means “The Cutter” when translated, and the symbol looks like “A Sharp Object.” As a result, the star possesses both a destructive and creative nature. People who are born under the Seven Sisters have a vengeful personality and are aggressive. The flaming nature is due to the Sun being the ruling planet! However, it also suggests the purest level of purification. The people who live in the Krittika Nakshatra are always looking for new experiences and information to fuel their inner fire. They require physical activities to keep their minds and bodies active and busy. Maruga or Kartikeya is linked to Krittika because it was raised by the Pleiades six-star cluster.

Even though Karthigai Day is celebrated on every month, it is most significant on Karthikai (the same month as Vrischika in other Hindu calendars), which is the solar month. DrikPanchang.com lists all of the Karthikai days in the year, including Karthikai Deepam, the most significant Karthikai day.

Significance of Karthigai Nakshatra

The Karthigai Nakshatra is regarded as extremely favorable for Lord Muruga worship. Skanda Purana says that Lord Muruga was created out of six flames from Lord Shiva’s third eye. To care for the infants, Agni and Vayu Devas carried the flames to Karthigai Pengal. Goddess Parvati united them into a single boy with six faces when they were boys. Lord Muruga was dubbed “Shanmuga” as a result. Goddess Parvati bestowed upon Karthigai Pengal (six maidens) the blessing that Lord Muruga would benefit from special Poojas or rituals performed on Karthigai Nakshatra.

Why Fast and Worship Muruga on Krithigai

By extinguishing all impurities and wrongdoings and giving birth to purity, morality, and virtues, worshiping the God of Fire (Agni) and Lord Muruga (Lord Subramanya) can assist you in bringing about the desired change in your life. It is extremely beneficial to connect with Lord Muruga on Karthigai Nakshatra (Krittika) day, which is in the month of Aadi (July-August). You can benefit from health, wisdom, spirituality, and power by praying to the Muruga and worshiping him. Additionally, it aids in reducing Mars’ negative influence.

Krittika Nakshatra Astrology:

Behind their tough exteriors are the stars’ maternal and nurturing qualities. Natives born under this nakshatra typically work in fields like education or higher education. Even though people born under the Krittika Nakshatra have a sharp tongue and a desire for perfection in everything, they are also amazing at supporting other people and have the willpower and independence to keep moving forward. This star’s qualities can be described as courage and awareness. Aries’ Krittika Nakshatra is between 26°40′ and 30°00′, while Taurus’ is between 30°00′ and 40°00′.

Hindu Moon Astrology Forecast 2023 for all Areas of Life of Krittika Nakshatra
What will 203 look like for the Krittika Nakshatra then? brimming with speed bumps? A green, straight road? Or the uncertain one, such as Napa Valley? Let’s see which map the planets have in mind for you in 2023 before starting Road Rash. Find out how your career and business, love and relationships, finances, and health will be this year.

Career and Business Horoscope 2023

A lot of happiness awaits those working in the employment field in the year 2023. This year, working people might get a raise in their pay or be promoted to a higher position. Your financial situation may definitely improve as a result.

This year, if you want to start a new business, you might come up with an original business plan. Fortunately, toward the end of the year, you might notice that your new business channel is bringing in a lot of money. In addition, it is essential that you consult your parents before making important business decisions and follow their advice.

If you run a business with a partner, you may need to be more careful because you might lose money out of the blue, which could slow down your expansion. As a result, if you want to avoid business losses, you need to exercise a little more caution and stick to your business plans.

Love and Relationship Horoscope 2023

Regarding relationship prospects, this year 2023 may begin on the low end. As a result, if you want to keep the relationship, you might have to work harder. Also, if you find yourself in a tug-of-war with someone, try to resolve it before it gets out there, rather than letting it get out there and start a huge fire. Only in this way can you maintain a healthy relationship with other people. In addition, you may meet or make new friends during this time.

Your relationship with your husband or wife may be as sweet as nectar, containing the intimacy, when it comes to marriage life. On the other hand, single people who are in a relationship might have to deal with some conflict.

Finance Horoscope 2023

On the financial front, the year 2023 may have both positive and negative outcomes. There is no doubt that if you put in extra effort, you might be able to maintain your financial position without losing it. You may be able to increase your wealth this year without a doubt, but you may need to put in more time.

In addition, you might need to strike a balance between your income and expenses. If you take your income and expenses for granted, you might have to be prepared for a financial crisis in the future.

Health Horoscope 2023

Regarding the health sector, the year 2023 may prove to be somewhat disappointing. There may be issues with your health. By the end of the year, you may experience minor physical pain even though you may be as fit and healthy during the middle of the year. Well, you shouldn’t be worried because with the right care and treatment, you can get through this pain.

In addition, your parents may be in good health when it comes to their health. As a result, you might be at ease and happy for them. On the other hand, if your children’s health isn’t going well, they may need your care and attention. When it comes to health, the entire year may be average. You might experience minor health problems like a cold, cough, or fever, which can be treated with assistance from your family doctor.

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