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Our Tamils ​​celebrate the month of Thai as the harvest month. The month of Tai is said to be the harvest season and the month of worshiping and giving thanks to the sun god. There are many special features in the month of Tai according to the saying of the elders that if Tai is born, the path will be born. The first day of the month of Tai marks the beginning of the equinoxes when the Sun’s path moves northward. Puranas say that this is a very auspicious time. In this auspicious month, special pujas are held in many temple places. In this post, you can read and know about the special features of Thai month.

Thaipusam festival is specially celebrated in Pusam Nakshatra with full moon in the month of Thai. On this day we worship Lord Shiva and Lord Muruga. Goddess Parvati, on the day of Thai Pooja, It was the day when Shakti Jaram was given to Arumuka God to destroy the Asuras. That’s why Taibhusa Thirunal is the most critically celebrated festival in the world.

On the new moon of Tai in the month of Tai, they do tarpanam to our ancestors. This worship takes place in places like river, pond, shrine, sea. Through these worships, the sins that we have done so far will be removed and children will be blessed for those who do not have children.

This Ratha Saptami can occur on the waxing moon of the month of Tai. On this day the Sun begins its Northern Hemisphere journey. If you fast on Ratha Saptami day, all the diseases from the body will be removed and all the confusions in the house will get a good solution.

This Veerabhatra worship is observed on Tuesday throughout the year. Those who cannot continue this worship throughout the year can perform worship only on Tuesday in the month of Tai. By performing this worship, all the obstacles and intractable enmity will be removed from us.

The Friday that falls in the month of Tai, the beginning of the Uttaranya period, is performed as an auspicious worship to the goddess. Abhrami Antadi on Thai Friday, Worship can be done by singing Amman songs like Soundarya Lahari. Apart from this, temple festivals are also held in Thai month in every village.

Vasant Panchami is the day Srisaraswati incarnated. That day is Shukla Panchami in the month of Tai. It is also called Mahapanchami. Worshiping Goddess Srisaraswati on the Vasant Panchami day will lead to enlightenment. New ventures related to Akshara Pyaam and education can be started today.

The Ekadasi falling in the month of Tai, Teipira, is specially known as Chapala Ekadasi. If we fast and worship Lord Vishnu without eating or sleeping on this day, all our previous sins will be removed. On that day, donating fruits to the poor will lead to a brighter life.

Ekadasi falling on the waxing moon of Tai month is called Putratha Ekadasi and Santana Ekadasi. If you observe Ekadasi fast on this day, you will be blessed with a son.

The fast observed on the second day of the month of Tai is the Savitri Gauri fast. After Chiranjeevi Markandeyar suggested this fast to Daruman, Darumar also undertook this fast. Those who observe this fast take a bath in cold water early in the morning, Goddess Savitri made of clay should be worshipped. While worshiping Goddess Savitri, on that day one should keep a silent fast with 9 knotted rope tied in hand. In this way, 9 days and 9 years should be performed.

At the end of the 9th year, in 9 murams, betel nut, betel nut, fruits, turmeric tubers should be kept with 9 numbers in each and turmeric, kumkum, sandalwood and muram should be donated to 9 Sumangalip women. If you do so, you will get long life, endless wealth and blessedness of children.

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