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Navagraha 7 – Sani | Saneeswara Bhagavan Temple Thirunallar

In Hindu astrology, Saneeswaran is one of the Navagraha. Surya Deva and Saya Devi, according to Hindu mythology, were his parents when he was born. His usual mode of transportation is a crow. He is said to have a slight crippled leg, making him a slow or sluggish walker. As a result, Mandan is given to him.


Sandhyadevi, Lord Surya’s wife, had lost her power as a result of her prolonged close proximity to the sun and its heat. So he made the decision to return to earth to perform repentance and regain his power. Sandhya made a woman who resembled her from her own shadow, afraid to tell Surya about it. As she emerged from the shadows, he gave the girl the name Sayadevi.

Sayadevi moved in with Surya when Sandhya went to earth to do penance. Shani was Saya’s son. Because he was the son of shadow when he was born, Shani had a dark appearance. Surya didn’t accept Shani as his son when he saw this. Saya then broke down in tears. Shani turned his crooked eye to the Sun, enraged by this. The sun then went through an eclipse. Surya inquired about Saturn after being astonished by its power. Upon which Lord Shiva responded, “Shani was born to give benefits to everyone according to their merits and deities,” irrespective of whether the beings in question were gods, goddesses, or people. This pleased Surya, who adopted Shani as his son. Shani came to appreciate his duty as he got older. Shani divorced his parents and moved to Saniloka because he had to give up his banda passions in order to serve justice impartially. It is said that his perverse vision enslaved everyone, including Lord Shiva.

Code and Habits

It’s important to note the connection between Saneeswaran and dark colors. Saneeswaran is depicted wearing black clothing and lighting lamps with wicks made of black cloth containing black sesame seeds in temples. In addition, the crow, which is thought to be Saneeswaran’s vehicle, is also dark in color. As a result, the various degree symbols have dark colors. It’s also possible that these are a reference to the gloomy underworld. He is the nerve in the human body and serves the planets. owner of the feet, ankles, and thighs. Wind in panchabhutas. reflects workers. In the order of planets, Baba is the first. Poosam, Anusham, and Uthratathi are his nakshatras. Iron is one of the metallic items that belongs to him. Sapphire is one of the gems from the planets. Longevity is attained when Saturn is in Lagna. You will enjoy prosperity, steady income, fame, and political influence if it comes in third place. Dhana Yoga, Shatru Jayam, Tanmana Guna, Courage, and Ashta Lakshmi Kataksha will occur if placed in the sixth.

Famous Saneeswaran Temples

Tirunallaru Dharparanyeswarar
Temple The Union Territory of Puducherry’s Tirunallaru Dharparanyeswarar Temple is one of the most well-known Shaniswara Temples in India. In this temple, there is a separate sanctum for Shaniswar. Saneeswaran is said to have traveled here after paying homage to Lord Shiva in Kashi.

Kuchanur Saneeswaran Temple
Saneeswaran is Swayambu at Kuchanur Saneeswaran Temple in Kuchanur, Theni district. Saneeswaran is the source of this temple.

Trincomalee Saneeswaran Temple
Saneeswaran Temple in Sri Lanka is located opposite the Sri Krishnan Temple in a place called Mattathadi of Trincomalee city. This temple was built in 1885.

Lok Nayak Saneeswaran Temple
Loka Nayak Saneeswaran Temple is located in Puliyakulam in Coimbatore district. A metal statue of Lord Saniswar is located here.

How to worship?

It is very beneficial to worship Lord Shani on special days or on Saturdays. If we light a sesame lamp each week on Saturday morning and pray to Lord Shani, “May I not commit any mistake, save me, and guide me in the right way,” our suffering will be removed and our life will improve.

Every Saturday, make it a habit to worship Lord Shani. The issue arises if Lord Shani gains control of us. Our life will prosper if we cling to him and worship him as our guide. The suffering will end.

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