Temple Astrology

Temple Astrology, called Temple Jodhidam or Joshiyam or Jyotish or Jyothisham in Indian languages, has roots in Tamil Nadu in India, from where it originated and spread. In the beginning, the Hindu sages practised temple astrology from within the precincts of small temples. The architecture of the famous Hindu temples inspired by the planetary positions of the stars was indeed the influence of temple astrology, which took its cues from things as diverse as the birth star of the God and the Nakshatras of twin stars. It is a part of Vedic Astrology that the twin stars will come out at a particular time of the day.

The most significant feature that Astrology or an Astrologer propounds lies not in scanning the life details of the person, but promoting the chief purpose of Astrologer as to affirm the Bad Karma mitigated and the person directed onto the path of Good Karma for the betterment of the individual. In Hindu philosophy, Karma emerges from thoughts, and it yields the result with action in the real world. It is a common observation that most of us seek the Astrologer's advice when confronted by hindrances in life or to seek a piece of advice for a particular niggling situation that we are facing.
Some temple astrologers use the Olai Chuvadi, the palm leaves, as according to the architectural designs of the temples than to base themselves upon God's decree describing the power of God. The patterns emerge in the temples, which could be positive or negative. So every temple is built by considering the measure of attraction or repulsion relating the patterns to eradicate the negative influence build by a particular pattern. Astrology knowledge thus is vital for all. The person knowing Astrology can foresee the intimidation of events and can properly guard himself in advance. Temple Astrologers can perform Puja, so as to remove any negative influences. In Hinduism, the Puja holds a central role in any holy worship. The Pujas are conducted by either an individual, or a group of persons, or on a worshipper's behalf, by a priest.