Original Nadi Jothidam


We follow only those Nadi astrology practices that yield original Nadi Jothidam predictions so that what we predict is to the point and benefits the person. As a practice of providing the people with truthful predictions, we give good weightage to the Nadi leaf interpretations while predicting past, present and future. Our well-experienced astrologers shall provide the most relevant, authentic and truthful analysis by referring to the Nadi leaves. Only after a thorough analysis of the person’s Nadi leaf do we suggest or advice anything related to the removal of bad omens and obstructions or propagation of good or propitious signs for the betterment of the person.

We encourage you to discover your new destiny by searching for your Nadi leaf. The treatise on Nadi Jothidham has been expounded in poetic language and requires patience to interpret. The selection of original palm leaf called Olai Chuvadi, for a person, consumes approximately 2-3 hours. If somehow it is not possible to locate the palm leaf pertaining to you, that means time to know the future hasn't yet arrived. We keep on receiving Nadi leaves and those who couldn’t get their Nadi leaves in earlier attempts can receive them later on.

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