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The Maharajah Serfoji II of Tanjore, who was a great patron of the arts & sciences, stored these leaves in his palace library so they would be available for the future. The British retrieved these leaves during their kingdom and later sold them to some Indian families, who still keep them. These families carefully maintain them and continue to train people in the proper reading the leaves so that people may still benefit from the ancient advice of these Siddhas as well known as Naadi astrology Family. Now these Siddhas consider being Nadi astrologer family. The Nadi readers Mr.G.Natarajan Swamy works with this area around Vaitheeswaran koil and belong to one among the best nadi family.
Around the 12th century, these leaves were found lying in the location of South India ancient Vaitheeswaran Koil in Tamil Nadu. The Nayanar community which found these leaves realized their values &made exact copies of them and have been the custodians of the Nadi Leaves since then. They are also the only community which have been for generations trained to read the leaves, and interpret them to make the predictions. Also they are the only people who have access to the Nadi leaves and still following this one of traditional nadi astrology. Later astrologers who were very much interested in knowledge related to nadi astrology they got the leaves from the library. It seems that these palm leaves were originally written on animal skins &some leaves later texts were copied on palm leaves. These sources were also maintained by applying oil extracted from peacock's blood. The primary centre for Nadi astrology is located in Vaitheeswaran koil in South India.