Agastya Muni

One of India's most revered saints, Sage Agastya, also known as Agastya Muni, is held in high esteem by the Tamilnadu "Siddha Cult." Unlike saints or hermits, siddhars are people with mystical powers. They store up extraordinary powers through contemplation and have different abilities called "Ashtamaha siddhi", or eight powers. Sage Agastya has made contributions to literature, astrology, alchemy, and palmistry. Additionally, it is believed that Lord Shiva specifically instructed him to travel to Southern India and promote literature. He is a great Yogi himself; he started Kriya Yoga, and he has many followers. He has helped a lot of people get physical and mental cures thanks to his special abilities.

Sage Pulasthya was the father of Sage Agastya. He is a member of the Saptha rishi order. Urvashi, a Celestal mainden who possesses levitation, was his mother. It is essential to note that Lord Brahma's Sapta Rishis are revered saints. They are entrusted with the unique responsibility of fostering culture and humanity for the common good. They are also the place where powers, wisdom, and knowledge are kept. Sage Pulasthya is a benevolent and highly revered saint. He used his expertise to treat the ill and needy. He helped those who meditated or asked for assistance and had the extraordinary ability to float in the sky. Sage Agastya is likewise called "Kuda Muni", as he was brought into the world in a pot. Due to his short stature, he is also known as Kulla muni. Sage Agastya's birth is linked to another legend, which says that he was born in a pot where Lord Mitr and Lord Varuna, the sea god, put their sperm. It was during a hallowed custom, and the pot was submitted inside the sacred fire.
He has created a few books in Tamil and belittled the Tamil language. He has participated in the Tamil poets' and writers' exclusive group known as "Madurai Sangam." He is a great yogi who has mastered Kriya Yoga, which is where he gained a lot of power. He started Kriya Yoga and was Maha Avatar Babaji's Guru. Rama Devar, Tholkappiyar, and Sundaranandar, his disciples, are also revered. He is regarded as a significant link between Vaisnavism and Shaivism. His devotion to the Goddess Shakti was admirable in every way. He came from the Tripura Acharya family. He was able to obtain a magnificent yantra thanks to the blessings of Goddess Tripura Sundari. It was elevated to the highest level of sadhana after it cured his sins and is highly specialized. When they are given significant powers, many saints merge with the universe and become one with it. Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, is where Sage Agastya's immortal body is kept. Agastya Jayanthi is a significant festival for many people in South India. When visiting Padmanabaswamy Temple, a lot of people experience a great mystical force and a special power.