Accurate Nadi Jothidam


We strive for practising accurate Nadi Jhotidam by painstakingly following the procedures of Nadi astrology as inscribed in the treatise left by the ancient astrologers. Though it is difficult, since much of the treatise is in the code words that are difficult to understand, we take pride in understanding Nadi astrology. We have generations of history studying the Nadi astrology that yields accurate predictions for future events.

We follow the accurate method of predicting the events with Nadi Jhotidam that is described below. The facts about a person are inscribed on Palm leaves, like his name, the wife's name, the parent's name, the number of siblings, the details of his birth in the family, and other facts. These facts are called Sakshis or witnesses. The individual can affirm or deny the fact, but not until all the facts are read. If the person feels the facts are not complementing his, the astrologer takes out the next leaf, the process continues till all the facts match the person's details, or the astrologer finds no Nadi leaf. This whole process of locating the correct palm leaf yields accurate Nadi reading.

We do our Nadi readings to any corporate or individual interested in knowing about themselves and their chances of success in the near future.

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