Sage Sushruta

Sage Sushruta is a well-known saint whose contributions to surgery are still highly regarded today. Because he invented and developed numerous surgical procedures, he is regarded as the "Father of Plastic Surgery." His work, "Sushruta Samhita," is one of the oldest medical trilogies. It is interesting to note that he has no known birth name, but the word "sushruta" means "known." Many people think of Mahabharatha because he treated many soldiers who had been sick for a long time. A lot of people also think that there could have been more than one Sushruta who contributed a lot to science, ayurveda, and surgery. His contributions are significant, and he advocated dissecting a cadaver in order to educate students about the human body's anatomy. It is also held to be a member of Lord Brahma's lineage or a descendant of him. A lot of people also think that he learned a lot through a lot of hard work and dedication to helping others. Also, he did a lot of austerity, and the divine doctor Lord Dhanvantari gave him his blessing.

Before 5000 years ago, the Vedic period, Ayurvedic medicine was practiced. Ayurveda is a form of "life science" that combines the study of herbs with great spiritual practices to provide holistic treatment for the mind and body. He made tremendous contributions to science and Ayurveda, where he lived along the Ganges and helped many people. It is extremely intriguing to take note of that his master was Wise Divodasa, to whom, the Ruler Danvatri, the embodiment of fix and medication has passed his insight. Sage Sushrutha's Contributions: Even before the time of Sage Sushrutha, plastic surgery was done, but only the Sage made a lot of changes and supported them. He significantly improved the system and numerous procedures. His area of expertise is nose reconstruction, or "rhinoplasty." He performed the surgeries without using anesthesia and then intoxicated the patient with wine before continuing. He taught the medical and surgical system to many of his followers. Numerous medical practitioners learned the art of medicine under him. He wrote the well-developed book "Sushruta Samhita" about various surgical methods and procedures. He found different spices and formulated unique blend, which could treat the patients. In addition to Rhinoplasty, he dealt with wounds and internal bleeding, performed hernia surgery, performed the caesarean section for childbirth, removed the prostate, extracted a tooth, and removed a cataract. Additionally, he examined a variety of eye conditions and prescribed eye and ear drops. He developed prosthetic limbs and founded the embryology school. Additionally, he was proficient in advanced dissection knowledge of the human body. Conclusions: The incredible holy person and healer Sage Sushrutha established the groundworks for the medical procedure, where the entire world could acquire their insight upon. His works have been translated into a lot of languages, and people all over the world are doing a lot of research on them.