Mahakavi Kalidas


Mahakavi Kalidas was a classical Sanskrit scholar who was highly regarded. It is difficult to determine when exactly he lived and worked because of time, but it is generally accepted that it was around the 4th century AD. He is now considered to be one of the best poets and actors in Sanskrit literature. His plays and poetry, which are primarily based on philosophy and Hindu Puranas (sacred texts), are immensely popular and have a cult following among academics. The life of Mahakavi Kalidas is shrouded in mystery, and aside from his writings, very little is known about his life. However, he was said to be famous for his physical beauty and charm, which attracted the attention of Vidyottama, a princess. The princess fell in love with him because of how beautiful he was, and she married him, but she felt uneasy about his lack of knowledge and education.

Due to this flaw, the princess frequently humiliated him, and he attempted suicide in a state of distress. He fervently prayed to Goddess Kali (or even Saraswati) for relief from his suffering just before doing so, and he was suddenly given an extraordinary sense of knowledge and wit, which changed his life. He went on to become one of King Vikramaditya of Ujjain's most talented and admired scholars, and he was soon regarded as one of the "nine gems" of the court.

Important Works of Mahakavi Kalidas The story of King Dushyant and Shakuntala (Abhijnanasakuntalam) is known for his three plays. The most well-known of these is "Shakuntala," which is regarded as a literary masterpiece and was one of the first Sanskrit plays to be translated into English and other languages after that. Shakuntala, an adopted daughter of a sage, and King Dushyanta's love affair are the focus of the narrative. It is said that while on a hunting trip, the king fell in love with her and wed her. Shakuntala, who is pregnant with their child, is left behind when the king is abruptly summoned back to the court due to an exigency. Innocently, Shakuntala attracts the ire of a visiting sage and is cursed so that her husband will forget her and only remember everything that led to their affair when he sees the ring she has given him.

She travels to the king's court in an advanced stage of her pregnancy, but she somehow misplaces the ring, leaving her heartbroken when she returns from the court. Before sufficiently long, an angler views the ring and remembering it as that of the ruler, hands it back to its legitimate owner. When the king sees the ring, he remembers everything that happened and immediately sets out to find Shakuntala. The couple reunites after enduring a number of difficulties and continues living a contented and peaceful life.

The narrative of Malavika and Agnimitra (Malavikagnimitram). This story rotates around the existence of a ruler named Agnimitra who falls head over heels for a picture of a banished servant named Malavika. Malavika is imprisoned after the queen discovers this, much to his dismay. However, Malavika soon discovers that she is eligible to marry the king because she is a princess by birth.

The Story of Vikram and Urvashi (Vikramurvashiyam) In this play, the mortal king Pururavas meets the celestial nymph Urvashi. She is obligated to go back to the heavens, but fate intervenes in the form of a curse, and she is sent to earth to live and die like a human. She is likewise informed that the second she bears a kid fathered by her sweetheart, she will repudiate her human life and rise back to paradise. The curse is eventually lifted, and the couple receives the blessing of remaining together on earth after going through a number of difficulties.

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