Sage Korakkar

Here you can see the glory of Korakar Siddha who emerged from the ashes of the oven and performed many miracles. Here you can see the glory of Korakar Siddha who emerged from the ashes of the oven and performed many miracles. Bhogar says that Koraka was born in the month of Karthikai in the star Aiyalam. Although he was a Gorakka (Maratha) from North India, he traveled to Chaturagiri in Tamil Nadu and took Bogar as his companion. Chattaimuni and Konkanar are close to him.

Once when Lord Shiva preached Taraka Mantra to Umadevi on the beach, Devi got teary eyed. A fish heard the Taraka Mantra that Lord Shiva was reciting and became human. Lord Shiva named it Machendra and blessed it to make it a great Siddha and spread wisdom. Machendran understood penance and became a great Siddha. While he was going to a town, a woman who begged him begged with displeasure. The woman said that she regretted not having children. Machendra gave some water and said, "If you drink this, you will attain Magadbeh" and left. She told the neighbor girl the news of her marriage. She said, “The person who gave you vibhuti may be a fake saint. So don't take that medicine.” She said. The woman was frightened by this and poured the water she got into the oven. After a few years, Machendra came back to Avvur. He had once gone to the house of a woman who gave birth to a child and said, “Mother, I want to see your son. Call him", he said. After listening to the neighboring woman, she put the vibhuti in the oven without eating it, and now she is regretting her sonless state and begged for her forgiveness. Machendra asked, "Well, where did you dump that vibhuti?" She also showed the ashes of the stove where the vibhuti was. Machendra stood by the stove and called out “Korakka”. A child emerged from the ashes of the hearth with the development it should have had since the time Siddhar Thiruneeru gave it. As he emerged from the ashes of the Gothara oven, he accepted the name Koraka as his disciple. One day Goraka went to a house and begged. The lady of the house gave a vada. Goraka gave the vada to Machendra. After eating the vada, Machendra asked for the same vada the next day. The next day, Korakar also went to the house of Vada Tanta to beg. But the woman said no vada and put the rice. But Goraka asked his Guru to have Vada. The girl got angry. She said, "You can put whatever you have." "Your guru went away because he asked for help; If you want this, give it to me,'' she said. Hearing this, Korakar said, "If my Gurunath asks for my eye, I will give it to him." Take that eye yourself and give it to me,'' he said and gave his eye to the woman. Seeing this, the woman got scared and immediately fried sweet cakes in ghee. Korakar gave the vada to his guru. After tasting the vadas, Machendra told what happened when Korakar looked at Korakar and asked where is your eye. Machendra, realizing the love Gorakka had for him, asked him to get back his lost eye. Once Machendra went to the Malayalam country. A child named Meenanathan was born to the queen of that country. Knowing this, Goraka reached the Malayalam country to bring the Guru anyway.
Looking at Machendra, he said, "Master, depart; Let's go to our place,'' he called. Queen Premala bagged a gold nugget and gave it to Machendra without Korakar's knowledge to help them. On the way both of them were going, Machendra kept asking the people they met here and there if they were scared. Noticing this, Korakar took out the gold nugget from Machendra's bag and burnt it, replacing it with a stone. When Machendra opened the bag to see if there was gold, he was shocked to find stones instead of gold. He got angry with Korakar. “Innocent! You have seized my property. You are not my disciple. "Don't join me anymore." Koraka wanted to propitiate the Guru and climbed a mountain to urinate. Immediately the entire mountain became a mountain of gold. Korakar looked at Guru and said take their goods. The delusion that had gripped Machendra, who had plowed through ignorance, was removed. The Guru, whose mind was clear, praised the disciple profusely. However, leaving the Guru, Koraka went alone and attained the Ashtama siddhis and the Gaya siddhis. Later, he reached Tirukaiilayam and met Allamathevar there. Korakar asked Allama Devar, who are you? To that he said, "There is nothing worth saying in respect of one who is attached to a dying body." He said, "I am the one who has attained kaya siddhi by the grace of Korak Guru and has acquired an immortal body." But because Allamaro has got kaya siddhi, the life span is longer and it does not last. Therefore, it is vain to call this perishable body an immortal body. "Don't argue in vain, here I will prove it," said Allama, giving a sharp sword to Deva and cutting me with the strength of your shoulder. Allamar cut Korakar. The sword hit the body with the sound of 'Kin' and it did not cause any kind of damage to his body. Korak looked at Allama with Seruk. Allamar said to Korakar, “Well, you have proved your ability. Behold, cut me with your might with this day.” Korakar also cut Allama with his sword. Avval entered Allama's body and emerged. He cut again. It came out of the body like cutting through the air. Korakar worshiped Allama who was more powerful than him and begged him to bear his mistake. Allamar said, remove the attachment from the body and know your true condition. On hearing this, Korakar realized the truth instead of thinking that his body was the form of the soul. It is said that the book made by Korakar is "Korakar Vaipu" and the Taraka Mantra heard by Machendra in the form of a fish is Gnanasara book. In this, Sarmparkka Asana Vidhi, Sarmparkham Margam, Posana Vidhi, Karuppa Kriya system, Nadis system etc. are mentioned.

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