Sage Kamalamuni

He joined Bogar as a disciple and studied yoga and gained fame as one of the Siddhas. It appears that he has written books like "Kamalamuni Mundoor" and Rekai Sastram etc. In Chaturagiri, the mother house of the Siddhas, Bambattich Siddha and Adhikattu Siddha roamed happily. It was then that the people of the world saw the worshiping Kausika Mamuni. They forgot themselves the moment they saw him. Even though they are great in their own right, bowing to the likes of Kausika Mamuni is only possible for the wise. Aha, if Bambati Siddha himself bows down, everyone else will visit him wondering what a wise man he is. Also, only one wise man can know another wise man. Otherwise we should be saying that he is wise and he is wise.

Even today, we know the sages who lived in the land of Bharat through the words of another sage. Just like that, these two Siddhas bowed down to Sage Kausika and stood up humbly. "What can I do to help both of you?" asked Sage Kausika. They tell us what to ask when we see wise men. They know that asking for worldly things will only throw the life back into worldly illusion. When they prayed that they should preach for that reason, Kaushikana looked on and preached in a soft voice. Along with the guru's words, the power mixed between them both. Serving the Guru does not end with him just sitting around and doing small jobs. In the way shown by the Guru, he is involved in the religion he preached. A true Guru expects his disciples to come to him. For that he recruits the disciple after testing. Because if I stroke the ego, it will grow too much. Sadhguru always dares to cut it in two. Now Bambatich Siddha and Adikakattu Siddha suddenly went into penance. As for the teachings of the sage Kausika, Agathiyar says, "Bangutane Yupadesa Marulundanthu is like a story of a fallen tree". In this, the word Pangana means that he knew the condition of the Siddhas and gave them grace along with instruction. In the very next line, he says, "Getting permission with Sangam to go to the mountains with the law." That is, near this mountain means near Isa, the hero of Chaturagiri. Sangam also means yoga. Uttaram is the act of elevating life; The mercy that flows from the Guru. After such instruction and initiation,
He says, "Pontilappa did yoga with the plan of the four trees." It is said that both the Siddhas, forgetting everything about the body and the world, were lying in Nirvikalpa samadhi in a big bony banyan tree. Further, "Lauren has never been as calm as he is in Vrudshandan." He takes the high status of both of them. When they were in samadhi the disciples protected and worshiped them. He came out of samadhi and did many scriptures. Agathiyar also mentions the time that all these happened in this Yuga Kaliyuga. He also tells us many surprising facts about the Siddha named Kamalamuni. He describes his relationship with Chaturagiri. Sage Kamala incarnated in the Poosa Nakshatra of Vaikasi month. Boger says that he stayed longer in China than in India. He says, "Siredhan Sinapati Tanilippa was especially long-lived Siddhu". Then Kamalamuni came towards Chaturagiri. He wandered from place to place and finally came to Chaturagiri to stage the great books of the Siddhas. They prevented the publication of the book, which is full of Vedantic studies, with many arguments. It was then that 'Chittumuni Kamaladam also saw Chathuragiri Malayoranthan Chatturahimself as Romerishi himself'. He told Romerishi what had happened so far. Romerishi, comfortingly, He says, "Bangutane Kondarulina has consented to the reception as per charter." He resolved Kamalamuni's concern that we agreed to stage such a wonderful book. All the Siddhas gathered together. The rishis and devas sat together in a dark cavern. Agathiyar says, "Pare discovered the sacred scriptures and came to terms with the religion." It should be considered that Marulakatum has staged a book of wisdom that removes the illusion of the world. The song suggests that Sage Kamala attained samadhi after this event. Samadhi here is a state of deep self-realization. Sometimes they completely hide themselves and remain in samadhi in caves somewhere. In a song 'Degamatha was in the world for some time Clearly someone is missing Conceal it as a guess.” Kamalamuni was eager to hide himself for some time. Just as Kamala Muni had said, "Kamala Munivardam also died like a dead man on the slopes of Chaturagiri" and laid his body in Samadhi. In this way, many Siddhas took samadhi in Chaturagiri. We can see the places where they were buried only in Sundaramakalingam Arulin. At the top of Chaturagiri there was one Mahasidhar for all the Siddhas. His name is Kalanginathar. Many siddhas attained salvation by chanting his name.

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