Sage Jaimini

The Mimamsa philosophy school was founded by Sage Jaimani. He translated the Jaimini and Mimamsa Sutras. He emphasized rituals as the path of Dharma, which means righteousness and is the central idea of the Indian Pantheon. He has made a significant contribution to astrology. He asserts that the entire dharma is based on the Vedas, which are the fundamental social elements. Holy person Jaimani has an extraordinary portion of disparaging "Sama Veda", where he gathered psalms and tunes from different areas to order this Veda. He had a number of students who became outstanding scholars. He occupies an essential position in the Hindu Pantheon due to his expertise, knowledge, and wisdom.

Sage Jamini was a Veda Vyasa student when she was born to Sage Parasara. He developed as an extraordinary Wise, whose information and abilities were broadly utilized by many individuals. He taught four Vedas to Sage Paila, Sage Vaisampayana, Sage Jaimini, and Sage and Sumantu, his disciples. Sage Romaharsana, also known as Lomaharsana, was his fifth disciple, and he taught them the Puranas. He passed on all of his knowledge to his son Sumanta and grandson Sukarma. As a result, his ancestry contributed significantly to the creation of the music and hymns that make up the "Sama Veda." Sage Jaimini's Myth: Sage Vyasa once told Sage Jamini the Mahabharata story. Sage Jaimnin had a lot of questions in his head and wanted to know a lot more. Additionally, he was unable to connect with several instances, causing him confusion. Sage Markhandeya came into his presence as he sought clarification. Sage Jaimini and Sage Markandeya collaborated in their search for various aphorisms and explanations, and they discovered that the Vindya Mountains were home to four birds known as Pingaaksha, Vivodha, Suputra, and Sumukha. Two of those four birds were siblings and Garuda birds' offspring. The other bird was the daughter of a celestial maiden, and one bird was her incarnation. It should be noted that one of the birds was redeemed after being killed on the Kurukshetra battlefield.
The other bird, which was also hit by an arrow and was carrying four eggs, was pregnant. Fortunately, the eggs were kept safe and the Sage Shamika carefully raised them. He taught a lot and took great care of those birds. He also told them to share the information with anyone who asked for clarification. So, when Sage Jainini asked for clarification, the divinely knowledgeable birds were able to provide it. Sage Jaimini's contributions include: Sage Jaimini's Guru was Sage Badarayana, who established the Vedanta school of Hindu philosophy. Sage Jaimini's teacher has a significant impact on a lot of his work. There is a lot of synchronization between the two, and a number of projects are completed together through discussion and sometimes even disagreement. As a result, great books were written. His book "Purva Mimamsa Sutras" or "Karma-Mimamsa" is a study of ritual action that looks into a variety of Vedic rituals. He established the Mimamsa anti-self-knowledge movement and emphasized the superiority of Vedic religion. Conclusion: As a result, he explained to people that sorrow is caused by the mind, and that the only way to get rid of it is to seek the feet of God through appropriate rituals and guidelines. He elaborated on Moksha and taught Dharma and Karma. Numerous languages, including Telugu, Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Maithili, and Newari, have been used to translate his works. Aside from Hinduism, he was likewise exceptionally respected in Buddhism and Jainism.

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