Sage Bogar

Between 550 and 300 BC, a Tamil Shaivite Siddhar named Bogar, Bhogar, or Boganathar lived. He was Kalangi Nathar's disciple. He was born near the Palani Hills in Vaigavur. He was educated by his grandmother and mother, both of whom are mentioned in numerous traditions and texts. In his book "Bogar 7000," Bogar himself talks about where he came from. This is also mentioned in Bogar's book Bogar 7000, which he wrote while teaching about enlightenment while traveling from Tamil Nadu to China. Under the sanctum of the Palani Murugan hill temple, Bogar is said to be in "nirvikalpa samadhi." Bogar taught meditation, alchemy, yantric designs, and Kriya yoga at the Kataragama Murugan shrine, inscribing a yantric geometric design etched onto a metallic plate and installing it at the sanctum sanctorum of the Kataragama temple complex.

Bogar was a disciple of Agastya's teachings and took the Tamraparniyan sea route from South India to China via Sri Lanka. Bogar was one of the first pilgrims to travel through Sri Lanka's Murugan Tiruppadai. Legends and the Palani temple scriptures claim that Bogar used a unique method to mix nine poisonous herbs (Navapashanam) to create the idol of Murugan at Palani's hill temple. In addition, he established the temple dedicated to Murugan in Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu, India, at the Poombarai Kuzhanthai Velappar temple.
In Navapashanam, there is still a statue of Lord Murugan. The priests of Palani Murugan temple were said to have been the descendants of Pulipani, one of Bogar's students, until the sixteenth century. The milk that was poured on this statue is said to have mixed with some of the herbs and proved to be an effective cure for diseases during that time. An immortality elixir was discovered by Bogar, as stated in Siddha medicine records. The Pharmacognosy is his most well-known work. A glossary of medical terms and books on yoga and archery are among his other works. He arrived in Palani after completing a meditation in the Meru hills.

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